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Asentrix Systems delivers comprehensive asset management consulting and implementation services, inclusive of people, process, and technology.

Our solutions save our customers time and money by capturing, recording, and displaying important asset information to the right people, at the right time, in the right way.

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Asset Management Solution Training

Asentrix Systems provides comprehensive, turn-key asset management solutions including professional training on all of our hardware and software systems.

Our combination of one-on-one, classroom, and distance learning curriculum ensures all our clients receive the training necessary to promote asset management success. Our training services are available on hardware, software, and Asentrix reengineered business processes. Additionally, training services are available throughout the year, regardless of original implementation date, to ensure new staff members get the training they need to be productive.

Specifically, we provide Asset Management Software Training Services on the following products:

Asset Data Repository
Auto Discovery Tools
Automation Middleware
Handheld Software
Barcode Solutions
RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) Solutions
Business Process & Workflow

Training Solutions can be delivered through:

Traditional Classroom Environment
The most common approach to solution training for groups of 5 or more, classroom training offers a cost effective way to communicate the general principles that apply to most attendees. At the conclusion of this training event, attendees understand the fundamentals of the solution and how they may navigate and perform basic tasks. We perform this service in your environment to ensure the greatest degree of retention and value.
One-on-One Mentoring
The most effective training solution we offer. Our expert trainers will spend hours with client personnel imitating a “day in the life” of the individual. At the conclusion of this training event, attendees understand the intricacies of the solution and how they may best leverage its capabilities for their specific duties. We perform this service in the client environment to ensure the greatest degree of retention and value.
Online Classes & Training CD Kit
    Online classes vary widely from client to client, depending on the complexity of the solution, the number of individuals being trained, and other factors. Online training is recommended for organizations with limited budgets and extremely capable, self-starting personnel. This type of training comes complete with an Asentrix CD kit including solution documentation, system videos, and system tutorials.

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