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Asentrix Systems provides comprehensive, turn-key asset management solutions utilizing Express Metrix's Express Software Manager Professional.

Express Software Manager Professional is a powerful IT asset management tool that provides integrated PC inventory, software usage tracking and application control in one central management location.


Ensure license compliance with regular software audits.

Save money on licenses and maintenance fees by removing software applications that are no longer used.

Organize technology migration and upgrade efforts by auditing PC hardware and memory information.

Reduce help desk costs with on demand PC and software inventory data.

Ensure a desktop standard by locking out undesirable software applications.


Automatically discover all the PCs and servers in your domain, Active Directory or organization.

Conduct on-demand or regularly scheduled PC inventories and collect detailed hardware and software information.

Track all your software licenses and purchase history with the detailed purchasing interface.

Meter software applications and see actual software usage data.

Control application launches and manage concurrently licensed software applications.

Track remote and disconnected users regardless of whether the workstation is connected to the network.

View software inventory and usage data as it's collected.

Express Software Manager Professional provides comprehensive software and hardware audit information such as:

Software file data, including name, size, date, path, and version, and whether the installation is an individual component or part of an application suite. This data is reconciled with the purchasing information to provide a comparison of the software licenses installed vs. owned.

Hardware information including computer name, CPU type and speed, memory, disk space and serial number, as well as any number of customizable WMI parameters you need.

Meter the software usage in your environment and:

Ensure the applications you've invested in are actually being used.

Automatically discover new applications introduced onto the network.

Control software applications in your environment and:

Prohibit the launch of rogue, unauthorized or illegal applications.

Manage concurrently licensed software applications and allocate licenses based on need including users or groups within your organization.

Lockdown the desktop by locking out undesired applications and help ensure network stability.

Express Software Manager Professional is also a powerful companion tool to WiseTrack Asset Data Repository Software. By integrating the two systems together, we marry internal PC attributes, such as software and hardware, to physical attributes, like location and asset tag. The resulting solution provides comprehensive and powerful management and reporting capabilities that transcend either solution alone.

Asentrix is committed to your business's success and will ensure a successful implementation. Asentrix's professional, expertly trained, and certified staff will aid with solution rollout, training, document creation, and knowledge transfer.

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