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Asentrix Systems delivers comprehensive asset management consulting and implementation services, inclusive of people, process, and technology.

Our solutions save our customers time and money by capturing, recording, and displaying important asset information to the right people, at the right time, in the right way.

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Electronic Asset Inventory

(Automated Network Device Inventory)

Asentrix Systems provides comprehensive, turn-key asset management solutions including a variety of accurate, detailed, and integrated Electronic Asset Inventory Solutions.

Asentrix Server, Computer and network device interrogation inventories provide a detailed list of computer hardware components and configuration details including IP and MAC address, disk capacity and free space, RAM and BOIS. In addition, these services collect all installed software and the corresponding details, including manufacturer name, software titles, and revision levels. These services support PC, Unix, Linux, and MAC operating systems, ensuring you have a comprehensive snapshot of your IT assets base.

Key benefits of conducting an Electronic Asset Inventory

Software Compliance
Software Usage management
Software Upgrade and Migration planning
Hardware Upgrade and Migration planning
Software Version Monitoring
Software Acquisition planning
Maximize end user support

Enterprise Level
These tools are more accurate, easier to deploy, and contain a richer feature-set then thier tier 2 competitors. These tools are more expensive than the Tier 2 Tools we offer and are a good choice for larger groups and organizations requiring more extensive interrogation information and interoperability.

TS Census Project

Small / Medium Businesses
These tools are generally considered to be fairly accurate (but do not develop the same level of granular detail as tier 1 tools), somewhat limited in their deployability, and contain a passable feature-set. These tools are less expensive than the tier 1 tools we offer and are a good choice for smaller groups, organizations requiring less extensive interrogation information and interoperability.

Network Navigator

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