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  About RFID  

Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) is an emerging technology gaining widespread acceptance for use in a variety of applications, including warehouse management, supply chain management, asset management, and personnel & patient tracking.

Asentrix Systems offers both active and passive RFID tags to our customers. Engage the Asentrix Professional Services team to help in identifying which technology or combination of technologies is right for your application.

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Active RFID Tags

Asentrix Systems provides comprehensive, turn-key asset management solutions including the highest quality Active Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) labels and tags.

Along with offering custom tags to meet your needs, Asentrix offers the following standard solutions for Active RFID tags.

Active RFID Asset Tag
Active RFID Personnel Tag
Active RFID Vehicle Tag

Active RFID Asset Tag

The AT-132A Asset Tag is a high performance active RFID tag based on patented automatic identification technology. The tag can be affixed to virtually any asset (laptops, computers, peripherals, electronic equipment, pallets, inventory items, etc.) for effective, long-range asset protection and monitoring throughout the enterprise or supply chain.

Signal transmissions penetrate walls and obstructions, traveling up to 35 feet within a typical facility, with longer ranges possible in open spaces, such as warehouses and computer rooms. Multiple tags can be read simultaneously such that both the asset and its carrier can be identified in an automatic, hands-free manner. This also allows the asset to be linked to one or more owners, providing maximum security with greater freedom of movement.

A tamper feature is available which triggers the tag to transmit a beacon alarm signal upon removal. Asset Beacon Tags are also available that automatically transmit on a preprogrammed timed interval to assist in the tracking and monitoring of tagged objects across broad areas (see Asset Beacon Tag specification). Top of Page Back to top

Active RFID Personnel Tag
AXCESS Inc. AT-132P + beacon + tamper detect

The AT-132P Personnel Tag provides convenient, hands-free identification of personnel for access control, people tracking, and resource management applications. Tag signals can travel long distances around and through walls, clothing, luggage, even people. Multiple tags can be read at distances of up to 35 feet inside a typical facility, thus allowing covert monitoring and an aesthetically pleasing installation.

The tag can be personalized by affixing a standard PVC identity card into a recess on the tag case. A panic alarm feature is available which, at the press of a button, triggers an alarm signal. A Personnel Beacon Tag is also available that automatically transmits on a preprogrammed timed interval to assist in the location and tracking of personnel. Top of Page Back to top

Active RFID Vehicle Tag
AXCESS Inc. AT-132V + disable tamper

The standard AT-132V Vehicle Tag is a thin profile tag that can be mounted in the vehicle or carried by the driver for automatic, hands-free access control or vehicle identification/tracking applications. The Harsh Environment Vehicle Tag is designed to operate under rugged conditions, at extreme temperatures. All Tags support high-speed reads of 20 mph or more in mobile applications such as vehicle access control (residential and commercial gates), equipment tracking, warehouse/logisitics and fleet management.
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