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  About RFID  

Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) is an emerging technology gaining widespread acceptance for use in a variety of applications, including warehouse management, supply chain management, asset management, and personnel & patient tracking.

Asentrix Systems offers both active and passive RFID tags to our customers. Engage the Asentrix Professional Services team to help in identifying which technology or combination of technologies is right for your application.

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Passive RFID Tags

Asentrix Systems provides comprehensive, turn-key asset management solutions including the highest quality Passive radio frequency identification (RFID) labels and tags.

Along with offering custom tags to meet your needs, Asentrix offers the following standard solutions for Passive RFID tags:

Symbol (Matrics) Read Only Passive RFID Tags:
Symbol (Matrics) Read/Write Passive RFID Tags:

Symbol (Matrics) Read Only Passive RFID Tags

Read Only tags are programmed early in the manufacturing process making them extremely secure and tamperproof. Pre-programming these tags minimizes the middleware infrastructure associated with field writing, thereby simplifying implementation and lowering costs. In fact, Class 0, Read Only tags provide the lowest cost of deployment that meets existing mandates for compliance. In addition, the Symbol (Matrics) tags are orientation-insensitive, meaning the patented dual-dipole tag is the only tag that can be read at different orientations - a key factor in achieving near 100% read rates.

Symbol (Matrics) Read Only Passive RFID Tag features:
Full duplex protocol means faster data collection & better application performance
Highest read rates available: Up to 1000 tags/second
Long read range: Up to 30 ft.
96 bits + 16 bits CRC memory
Available with single or dual antennas
Variety of tag form factors available: Allows you to select the optimal tag for your application.
Global protocol: Proven protocol for US, Japan, & Korea and has potential for worldwide acceptance.
"Collision Free" protocol results in faster data collection

Symbol (Matrics) Read/Write Passive RFID Tags

In addition to the features found in the Read Only tags, Read/Write tags offer additional flexibility by allowing the data stored on the tag to be dynamically changed. This feature allows a client to alter the data content of the tags to meet unique requirements. These amazing tags offer Read Write Once and Read Write Many capabilities ... all in the same tag!

Symbol (Matrics) Read/Write Passive RFID Tags only:
All the features of the Read Only Tag plus:
User programmable memory
24 bit kill code
Up to 120 bit unique ID
Up to 112 bits user data
1ms/bit write speed
Up to 25 ft. read range
Up to 10 ft write range
Variety of tag form factors available

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