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  About RFID  

Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) is an emerging technology gaining widespread acceptance for use in a variety of applications, including warehouse management, supply chain management, asset management, and personnel & patient tracking.

Asentrix Systems offers both active and passive RFID tags to our customers. Engage the Asentrix Professional Services team to help in identifying which technology or combination of technologies is right for your application.

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Passive RFID Tags

Asentrix Systems provides comprehensive, turn-key asset management solutions including the highest quality Passive radio frequency identification (RFID) Hardware.

Passive RFID Hardware consists of the infrastructure elements necessary to install and activate the desired radio transmission fields that will serve as data collection portals. The 2 primary Passive RFID infrastructure components are Readers and Antennas.

Passive RFID Readers:
Passive RFID Antennas:

Passive RFID Readers

Asentrix Systems provides a comprehensive line of Passive RFID Readers for any application; from high-performance, multi-protocol readers to industrial-strength, single port readers for embedded applications, we offer the right technology. The new generation of Symbol (Matrics) readers offers increased intelligence and networking capabilities for dock doors, conveyors, fork-lifts and any other Passive RFID application.

Symbol (Matrics) Multi-port Passive RFID Reader

The multi-port readers are industrial strength fixed readers, targeted to indoor applications, such as warehouses. These readers provide all of the RF and control functions required to power and communicate with passive RFID tags. These innovative Passive RFID readers fundamentally changed the nature of the RFID reader from a static device into a networked hub that collects, writes, processes, and communicates information from all EPC classes of RFID tags. It also provides timely and pertinent information to customers' Network Management platform with real-time reporting of events and status using SNMP. The Reader provides industry-leading dynamic range with typical read ranges up to 25 feet. The patented, contention-free protocol additionally allows 1,000 tag/second read rates for Class 0 tags. To address security concerns, the Reader provides security, privilege controls, and full traceability of all operator actions. Top of Page Back to top

Symbol (Matrics) Multi-port Passive RFID Reader features:

Multi-Protocol for Agility & Flexibility
Enhanced network features for seamless integration
Real-time reading and writing for all EPC-compliant tags
Reduce time and maintenance costs with internal network, remote and web management for monitor, control and service
EPC-compliant, Class 0 (Read-Only and Read/Write) tags
EPC-compliant, Class 1 (Read/Write) tags
Tag filtering,
User defined association
Selective visibility

Symbol (Matrics) Stationary Passive RFID Reader

The Stationary Reader offers superior and robust read range capabilities very high data read rates and can be easily mounted where large numbers of tagged objects are inbound or outbound in a logistics process. The Reader is structured for flexible system configurations and the arrangement of read points to optimize coverage at a low overall cost. Four multiplexers can be attached to the SR 400 Reader and support a total of thirty-two (32) readout antennas for smart shelf application. The system also employs a unique, patented reader-driven interrogation protocol that allows tags to be read at a rate of eight hundred (800) tags per second. This powerful read rate supplies the muscle to overcome interference in noisy environments, and to guarantee acceptable read rates at each read point when large numbers of antennas are multiplexed together. Readers can be powered either locally or through the network cable. This allows flexibility in deployment when local power source is unavailable and it also helps to minimize overall network infrastructure costs. Top of Page Back to top

Symbol (Matrics) Multi-port Passive RFID Reader features:
EPC-compliant Class 0 Read Only tags
EPC-compliant Class 0+ Read/Write tags

Passive RFID Antennas

Asentrix Systems provides a comprehensive array of Passive RFID Antennas for many applications and environments.

High Performance Passive RFID Area Antenna

These High Performance Passive RFID Area Antennas are fully packaged, polarized antennas which are intended for long range and large area tag reading applications. They are optimized to perform in a variety of industrial/warehouse environments, as they can easily be mounted indoors on ceilings and walls to create read zones around doorways and dock doors.

Dual Directional Passive RFID Panel Antenna

The Dual Directional Passive RFID Panel Antenna can easily be mounted on ceilings and walls to create read zones around shelves, doorways and dock doors. The dual directional panel antenna also features an attractive low profile housing that blends well with indoor and outdoor environments where aesthetic considerations are important. Top of Page Back to top

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