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Asentrix Systems delivers comprehensive asset management consulting and implementation services, inclusive of people, process, and technology.

Our solutions save our customers time and money by capturing, recording, and displaying important asset information to the right people, at the right time, in the right way.

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Hand Held Scanners

  Barcode Scanners
•  RFID Scanners

Asentrix Systems provides comprehensive, turn-key asset management solutions including a variety of hand held barcode and RFID scanners.

Scanner and barcode technology brings greater accuracy, efficiency, and accountability to your data capture functions. Choosing the correct device for each capture point is critical to streamline operations and reduce costs in the overall implementation of your asset tracking system.

Consider the following questions when designing AIDC (automated identification and data collection) solutions:

What is the purpose of the scanner? (Enrolment, moves, inventory, periodical update, disposal, data capture, etc.)
Do you need a highly portable (no wires) scanner?
What is the operating environment (warehouse, office, outdoors, harsh conditions or environmentally controlled areas)?
How important is durability of the scanner?
Do you need a keypad for mass data collection and entry?
What technology will you be using (1D or 2D barcodes, RFID, etc)?
Will the scanners be used with any other applications?
Issues of weight, size, screen properties, upgradeability, etc.
Communication capabilities 802.11, Bluetooth, WWAN, Cellular, etc.

Scanner technology is divided between Input Devices PDA and Portable Data Collection Terminals.

Please contact Asentrix professional implementation services to help define the solution best suited to your enterprise.

Barcode Scanners
RFID Scanners

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