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Asentrix Systems delivers comprehensive asset management consulting and implementation services, inclusive of people, process, and technology.

Our solutions save our customers time and money by capturing, recording, and displaying important asset information to the right people, at the right time, in the right way.

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RFID Scanners

Asentrix Systems provides comprehensive, turn-key asset management solutions including a variety of hand held RFID scanners.

RFID Scanners are a developing component to many asset management, warehouse management, and inventory management solutions. Asentrix has the experience to assist clients in selecting and implementing these products in a variety of applications. We specify and supply scanners from both Symbol Technologies and Intermec Technologies, of which the most common are listed

IP3 Portable RFID (UHF) Reader

IP3 Portable RFID (UHF) Reader

PDF Product Data Sheet

Mobile RFID read/write capability for the popular Intermec® 700 Series Mobile Computer
Ideal for exception based scanning
Available for UHF frequency band
Integrated circular polarized antenna reads tags in any orientation
Rechargeable Lithium-ion battery pack for a full shift's work
Durable to withstand the rigors of industrial environments

Intermec's expertise in real world RFID implementations, combined with its knowledge about building rugged handheld devices is reflected in its latest Intellitag® offering, the IP3 Intellitag reader, an accessory handle for attachment to the popular Intermec 700 Series Color mobile computers. The IP3, the next generation of portable RFID readers from Intermec, delivers first-of-its kind capability by combining the power of a handheld mobile computing device with three radios, and the ability to read and write to Intellitag RFID tags. Users of the 700 Series Color mobile computers have posted productivity gains and enjoyed application flexibility enabled by the three radios—personal area (PAN) or *Bluetooth™, local area (LAN) and wide area (WAN)—as well as the area and linear imagers integrated into the handheld device. Combining those capabilities with the IP3, and the strength of the Microsoft® Pocket PC platform, gives users an unheard of flexibility in scanning, data transmission and application computing. Top of Page Back to top

Symbol Technologies MC9000-G

Symbol Technologies MC9000-G
PDF Product Data Sheet

The MC9000-G with RFID from Symbol Technologies is an elegant, ruggedized mobile computer that features integrated support for the most popular Radio Frequency Identification Standard — EPC, the Electronic Product Code. By integrating support for EPC Class 1 RFID reading and programming with a robust commercial mobile computer, the MC9000-G is able to offer an unparalleled level of functionality suitable for a broad range of RFID applications. Combining RFID, bar code reading, imaging, 802.11 connectivity, a full 1/4 VGA screen, and alphanumeric keypad, the MC9000-G with RFID has the flexibility to give your organization real-time access to mission-critical information from key points in your supply chain. Enterprise-wide management and control of the MC9000-G is easy with Symbol's Mobility Services Platform.

Many of the world's largest retailers, manufacturers, and logistics organizations are integrating RFID as part of their supply chain processes, and RFID is rapidly emerging as a key technology across a wide range of markets and applications. With a feature set that delivers superior data collection, communication and collaboration, the MC9000-G with RFID facilitates faster decision-making and increased productivity in a variety of environments — from the factory to the warehouse to the sales floor. Top of Page Back to top

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