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  WiseTrack Software  
WiseTrack is a tested and proven asset management software solution that integrates best asset tracking practices; bar coding, Radio Frequency Identification (RFID), data importing and organizes it all in a scalable database repository.

Receiving and Asset Data Collection into Mobile Devices, PC Software or a Webpage.

Deployment - assigning the assets and moving them into production

State-of-the-art Mobile software tools for PocketPC & Palm devices; using XML.

MAC (Moves/Adds/Changes)

Fixed Asset Software - Inventory

Maintenance and Asset Warranty

Auto-Discovery Interface

Help Desk and Help Ticket Management

Asset Alerts on data details

Contracts including Lease Management

Depreciation and Disposal



Wisetrack Asset Management Repository Software

WiseTrack Asset Alerts

Automation Middleware


WiseTrack Asset Alerts Monitors Changing Business Conditions to Create a More Responsive Organization. WiseTrack Asset Alerts enables information exchange across a wide variety of software applications, legacy systems, and custom-built programs that handle the day-to-day business for companies around the world. Developed with open technologies and supported by an expanding base of agents, Asset Alerts act as a kind of universal interface to other applications. Asset Alerts are useful for monitoring databases, reconciling redundancies, automating tasks, and communicating with the right people for more efficient business processes and attentive customer service.

With WiseTrack Asset Alerts you can:
Monitor date and time sensitive events such as, warranty expiry, lease expiry,
asset valuation and replacement costs prior to insurance renewal.
Monitor overdue and checked-out assets.
Check the status of data, such as surplus asset inventory, lost or recovered
assets, % utilization, and asset costs per department.
Merge data into email messages. Use the data fields in WiseTrack as part of
your outgoing email message. For example, you may choose to email the Asset
User 3 months prior to a warranty expiry and to include the details of the asset
and the manufacturer. Pass data, files, and messages to the next person in
the pipeline.
Monitor software compliance through automated alert notification of
unauthorized software installations.

These tasks can be performed via email or by running a script that updates another database.

Key Benefits of using Asset Alerts
Force proactive business process throughout the organization.
Eliminate lease penalties and fees.
Minimize reactive business operations.
Promptly detect and respond to software non-compliance.
Streamline efficiency when planning asset migration.

Technical Considerations

Using WiseTrack Asset Alerts requires no programming.

To use WiseTrack Asset Alerts, there's no need for complex programming, no SQL statements to write, no DLLs to create, and no Windows API or scripting. Simply decide which tasks or circumstances should trigger an email, and then WiseTrack Asset Alerts executes your instructions. This provides all-day, every-day responsivity to changing business conditions automatically.

WiseTrack Asset Alerts works with virtually any ODBC or OLE DB compatible database, including those from IBM, Informix, Microsoft, Oracle, Pervasive Software, Sybase, and more. In addition, WiseTrack Asset Alerts can send email via any SMTP or MAPI compatible mail server.

System requirements
A server running Microsoft Windows™ NT Server 4.0 SP6 or later (recommended)
-OR- Microsoft Windows™ NT Workstation 4.0 SP6 or later
-OR- Microsoft Windows™ 2000 Professional SP1 or later
-OR- Microsoft Windows™ 2000 Server SP1 or later
-OR- Microsoft Windows™ 2000 Advanced Server SP1 or later
Microsoft Data Access Components™, version 2.5 or later (The CD installation automatically installs MDAC 2.5)
Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.01 SP1 or greater, minimum 200 MHz Pentium processor, minimum 128MB RAM
100MB free space for a full installation of DAS. Data files created by DAS processes require additional disk storage
To use the MAPI Agent, Outlook 98 or greater must be installed

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