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WiseTrack & PDA Devices
(WiseTrack Scanner Software)

How does WiseTrack work with barcode scanning Devices?

WiseTrack is fully functional with a number of devices, including both those utilizing PocketPC and Palm OS. The data collected on the device is transmitted between the WiseTrack System and the device in XML format.

WiseTrack Standard Application:
WiseTrack includes a number of pre-configured asset tracking software routines (scan routines) for scanner units. Scan routines include receiving new assets and adding asset details into the device and later uploading the information to the WiseTrack SQL database via the download dock. The Standard Application is standard with all WiseTrack series products and provides a solid, barcode solution to clients.

WiseTrack Application Generator:
The WiseTrack Application Generator (AppGen) is a state-of-the-art software tool that integrates with WiseTrack Corporate and Enterprise series products. WiseTrack AppGen allows you to drag and drop any fields from the database, including user defined fields, on the handheld unit and then establish the data collection order. The data collection routine and data files are then automatically uploaded to the device - no programming required. This combination of features allows organizations to design the most efficient data collection processes and procedures for their organization, enter them into the scanner, and mandate adherence by all personnel, improving integrity and enhancing efficiency.

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