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  WiseTrack Software  
WiseTrack is Asset Tracking Software designed to control and manage mobile and fixed assets. WiseTrack centrally manages; what assets you have, where they are, who uses them, and all costs associated to the items. WiseTrack is a comprehensive asset tracking solution with extensive bar coding and numerous Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technologies and functions.

WiseTrack is a tested and proven asset management software solution that integrates best asset tracking practices; bar coding, Radio Frequency Identification (RFID), data importing and organizes it all in a scalable database repository.

Receiving and Asset Data Collection into Mobile Devices, PC Software or a Webpage.

Deployment - assigning the assets and moving them into production

State-of-the-art Mobile software tools for PocketPC & Palm devices; using XML.

MAC (Moves/Adds/Changes)

Fixed Asset Software - Inventory

Maintenance and Asset Warranty

Auto-Discovery Interface

Help Desk and Help Ticket Management

Asset Alerts on data details

Contracts including Lease Management

Depreciation and Disposal



Asentrix Systems provides comprehensive, turn-key asset management solutions including the ability to track consumables.

Some assets, rather than ending their useful life sold or disposed of, are consumed through the regular course of business. Keyboards, Mice, Printer cartridges, Paper and other consumables represent significant expense and can usefully be tracked, without assigning each an asset tag or unique asset number, through WiseTrack’s Stockroom module. An essential part of the Asentrix asset management solution, the WiseTrack Stockroom allows an enterprise to monitor consumable items and produce reliable information on current stock levels and usage anywhere, anytime, all the time.

Screen shot

WiseTrack Stockroom Screen

WiseTrack Stockroom

Features include:

Tracks aggregate number of consumables across multiple locations
Move/Add/Change management
Complete transaction history
Ability to attach images and scanned documents to consumable records
Automatic reorder notification with Asset Alerts
Advanced queries
Handheld scanner compatible

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